Vantablack – The darkest substance ever created. Darker than black.

What is Vantablack?

Vantablack is a material composed of carbon nanotubes that are ‘grown’ and is the blackest substance ever created. Technically, it is not a color, it is the absence of it.


Furthermore, it is the closest you might ever come to looking at a black hole. As a matter of fact, Vantablack absorbs more than 99.965% of light incident on it. The light is simply trapped in the material and bounces within the carbon nanotubes and eventually dissipates into heat. Vanta actually stands for Vertically Aligned NanoTube Arrays. It is developed by Surrey Nanosystems.

What is/could Vantablack be used for?

A material like this can be very useful for solar panels to absorb heat. It can be used to absorb stray light in telescopes and infrared cameras.

How does Vantablack compare with other dark and black materials?

Watch this video to see Vantablack being compared to normal shades of black.

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