Android Development for Beginners – Learn From Scratch

Course content

Intents in Android: Navigate to Web Pages within an App – Full Code and Tutorial

Explore the world of Android app development as we guide you through using Intents to launch web browsers from your app. Learn about handling errors, creating clickable widgets, and enhancing user experience.

LocationManager Tutorial in Android Studio : Getting the User’s Location Coordinates – Full Code and Explanation

In this tutorial, we will learn how to get the user’s location coordinates – Latitude, Longitude and Altitude by building a simple Android Application that will use the LocationManager class. What is LocationManager? This class provides access to the device’s location services. These services allow the applications to obtain periodic updates of the device’s geographical […]

Introduction to Android Studio and running your first program

A basic introduction to Android Studio to familiarize yourself with the IDE and start laying the foundation for your project.

Commonly Used Components in Android Development – Android Cheat Sheet

Most commonly used views, ui components, and utility components used in everyday Android apps. Clear your basics with this Android cheat sheet

Layouts in Android Studio – Which ones should we use?

Setting a layout is one of the first things you will do when you build your app. Here is a look at the different layouts in Android Studio.

How to start a new activity using Intent in Android Studio – Full Code Tutorial and Explanation

In very simple to follow steps, learn how to use Intent to start a new activity with the full code and explanation.

Performing Arithmetic Operations in Android Studio

We will build an application to convert weight between pounds and kgs. The purpose is to understand arithmetic operations in android.

How to Play, Pause, and Stop an mp3 Audio File in your Android app using MediaPlayer

How to play, pause, stop audio files on your Android app in 3 steps using MediaPlayer class

How to play a Video File in Android Studio using VideoView – Full Code Tutorial and Explanation

Learn how to play a video file in your android app in just three easy steps. We first build the UI of the app and then move on over to the functionality. Find the full code tutorial at the bottom of the post.

How to write text data to files in Android: Build a ScratchPad (memo) App

Learn how to access a private .txt file in Android and make a simple scratchpad (memo) app using OutputStreamWriter and InputStreamReader

Build a Simple Android Calculator App in 5 Steps – Full code tutorial and explanation

Learn how to build a simple calculator android app in 5 easy steps using Java in Android Studio. This tutorial will clear some important aspects of Programming in Android Studio and is one of the first beginner steps of you becoming an Android Legend.

Create a Notes App in Android – Full code and simple explanation

Follow these 5 steps to make a full working notes application in Android. Learn about various concepts of Android, intent, adding a menu, SharedPreferences and many more in this simple to follow tutorial.

More details

What will you learn in this course?

  • Understand the fundamentals of Android development
  • Learn about various components that are essential in every application
  • Study and design full project codes for many essential apps that are preinstalled in any phone

What is the target of this course?

This course has been designed for complete beginners. Everyone has to start somewhere and this is the place to start.

We have carefully planned out our course. We provide full code, as well as explain it. So you know what’s happening where. We also specify where we have to add the code.

In our research, we have found that beginners have some difficulty figuring out where the code goes. In addition to mentioning where the code goes, we also provide the full code of each and every file that was modified, so even if you get lost, this will help you get back on track.

Will any certification be provided?

The course is under development. As soon as enough topics have been covered, two quizzes will be launched. If you pass the second quiz, you will be certified in basic Android development. This will be enough for you to land internships in companies looking for Android developers.