About our company

The story of technobyte, about how we started and what we believe in. So far...

What is Technobyte?

What started as a hobby, has become an immense learning platform.

At Technobyte we create content that will assist our readers in learning skills in a contemporary way. With our new track system, we focus on skills needed to help you find jobs in that particular track.

We believe that traditional educational models need a makeover and new learning styles need to be adopted to enhance the effectiveness of retaining information and applying it intuitively.

Our core principles are to
– Promote a self-learning culture among the engineering student’s fraternity.
– Create multifaceted, dynamic and self-sufficient content that acknowledges the diversity of learning styles of our readers.

We don’t believe in sensationalizing science and technology in order to get more clicks and we despise link baits. Everyone has the right to know and understand facts that will help them learn. Our job is to bring these facts to you with the utmost integrity.

Innovation leads to economic growth. Innovative thinking stems from creativity which in turn is born out of an innate curiosity of understanding how things work. We want to pique the curiosity of our readers by the juxtapositioning of current trends and traditional engineering concepts. We want to facilitate our readers to dive into the realm of surrealism where everything can be questioned and ideas can be born out of vivid imaginations.

We want to foster creativity by changing the way we learn.

Just as the biosphere stands above the world of nonliving matter, so an ‘abstract kingdom’ rises above the biosphere. The denizens of this kingdom? Ideas. – James Gleick


The content on our website is broadly classified into three categories. These three categories will contain articles, news pieces, videos and projects. Our top priority right now is to create quality content and that takes time. As we move forward in terms of content and website features, we will adopt a model similar to the one outlined by Bloom’s Taxonomy.

We are still evolving in our approach and devising better methods to increase the quality of our content and the user experience of our platform.

We can also be reached at Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Alternatively, you can directly mail us. We would love to hear your feedback and ideas.