Media Kit


Welcome to Technobyte’s Media Kit page! You are here to advertise with us and forge a new partnership. We value that. We also value the premise that quality content precedes all, so before we begin, we would like you to know more about us.

We wish to create a new learning experience for anyone who is interested in science and technology and wants to learn new skills by making dynamic educational content. We do that by creating arcs between what is actually happening in the real world and what is being taught academically.

Everything that is being created or discovered is extremely relevant for educators and people who are seeking skill development. It helps them visualize the extent of the technologies’ application.

So if you have created a product or service that you believe is a scientific or technical development we would love to help you get the word out. If you have written an original post or finding of any kind that would help people expand their understanding of science and technology, we would love to share it with our readers.

We are continuously working hard to ensure that we create quality content and get it to people. We have, in accordance with that aim, adopted certain processes and guidelines that help us maintain the integrity of our website.

We will review or post an article about your product or service if it is based on a new technology and if sharing information on that technology via your product or service would bring value to our readers. So for example, please don’t send us a music player app that offers nothing unique from other apps currently available. Our videos need to have crisp visuals so we expect you to either provide us with necessary footage to make a video or send us a review unit to film.

There are basically three services that we provide.

  • Product/Service reviews – We will collaborate with you to write an article describing your product/service. You will get to work with the editor and a graphic designer. Please use the contact form below and share your idea and quote your price.
  • Review videos – We can also make review videos with kinetic typography provided you have a media kit with multimedia files. Take a look at one of our short review videos we did for Wazer. The resolution will be 1:1 or 16:9 depending on your requirement. If you’d like to add this to a Review article we offer a discount. You can also request a standalone video. Please get in touch using the contact form below
  • Advertisement space – Get your article linked on our site as a suggested post. If you have published a post on another website and would like to get more eyes on it, we can boost it for you by suggesting it to our readers and posting it among our social network. (This service is currently unavailable)

If you have any further queries regarding the media kit please contact us using this separate form.