interesting facts- tallest tree in the world - hyperion

The tallest tree in the world – The Mighty Hyperion

It’s just so majestic to see the tallest tree in the world shoot right out of the heart of a cluster of trees and soar towards the sky.

interesting facts solar corona - how to photograph

Solar Corona facts and how you can capture one

One of the highlights of a solar eclipse is the ability to see the solar corona. Here’s a guide on how to safely capture and enjoy the moment

Halos - light pillars

Types of Halos – An interesting natural phenomenon of light

If you have seen even a single one out of the various types of Halos that occur in nature you should probably know how they are formed.

Dusky Batfish (Pinnatus Batfish)

The Dusky Batfish (Pinnatus Batfish) – Facts and FAQs – Batesian Mimicry

The Pinnatus Batfish takes on the appearance of a flatworm earlier in its life cycle to escape predators. It gives up this look at adulthood.

metal whiskers interesting facts 3 FI

Metal whiskers – It’s like hair, on metals. Here’s what you should know.

Metal whiskers are a phenomenon that causes hair-like micro-rods to grow out of a metal. These are extremely dangerous for any electronic system.

interesting facts about space - How does the International Space Station protect itself from space debris

How does the International Space Station protect itself from space debris?

The Internationational Space Station is a football stadium size structure floating above us. Have we ever wondered how it protects itself from space debris?

is nutella healthy amount of sugar interesting fact IF

Is Nutella nutritious? A study of the main ingredients & health risks

In the midst of relishing the greatest gooey chocolate spread ever, you wouldn’t really like it if someone interrupted and asked, “Hey, is Nutella healthy?” But we want you to ask that to yourself. For the sake of your own health.

Sword-billed hummingbird interesting fact wildlife bird FI

The sword-billed hummingbird is a strange bird in many ways

A normal sword-billed hummingbird’s beak is an inch larger than the Ruby-throated hummingbird.

wrap-around spider australia interesting fact tb

The wrap-around spider – Camouflage, features and FAQs

The wrap-around spider from the land down under literally wraps itself around a tree and “disappears” into its background.

interesting fact about the internet - World Wide Web was invented at CERN fact

The World Wide Web was invented at CERN by Tim-Berners-Lee

Necessity is the mother of all inventions, right? The World Wide Web is a good example of that.

far side of the moon FI facebook 2

5 facts you should know about the far side of the moon

The far side of the moon has, for ages, piqued our curiosity. We can’t really see it from Earth, but we should definitely know about it.

mysterious fact - Boquila Vine bizarre mysterious plant mimicry morph

Boquila Vines – A fine specimen of mimicry in plants

The Boquila Vine doesn’t even need physical contact to morph into a completely different plant. This sneaky climber is one of the most interesting plants out there.

amazing fun fact - Butterflies drinking tears of an alligator interesting fact

Butterflies drink crocodile tears for nutrition

If you have ever watched National Geographic on your television or been on a safari, you might have seen bees and other insects drinking tears of other larger animals. Here’s why.

ferrofluid interesting fact 2 tb

Ferrofluids – All you need to know about this shiny material

A ferrofluid in the presence of a magnetic field is enchantingly beautiful to watch. Apart from that, it finds application in many important areas and is being studied to further develop medicine targeting and space travel.

sunlight tanned sunburns interesting fact sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses may cause your skin to get sunburns

Though wearing sunglasses protects you from UV radiations, it might get you sunburned too.

Gyre - Help create trash vortex FI interesting facts about science

What is a Gyre and how does it create a trash vortex in the ocean?

A gyre is a manifestation of basic physics in the ocean that causes the issue of ocean trash and eventually leads to the formation of a trash vortex.

amazing fact about space - The first untethered spacewalk EVA - NASA

The first untethered spacewalk (EVA) – Facts

This is the most gravity defying (literally) thing anyone could do.

amazing fact about McDonalds - The McDonald's Straw - Redesigned and re-engineered by aerospace and robotics engineers

McDonald’s metal STRAW is smartly engineered for double layer drinks

McDonald’s straw is a testament to the fact that the simplest of things can be re-engineered and improved. It just takes a little imagination and physics!

An amazing property of electrifying textiles is that we can make artificial muscles using textiles

Artificial muscles using textiles for assisted mobility and soft robotics

A team of scientists have created artificial muscles using textiles in an effort to make the process of assisted mobility more natural by combining age-old textile manufacturing processes with electrochemistry.

amazing facts - APSARA - Biodegradable drone by DARPA and Otherlabs tb

Biodegradable drones by DARPA & Otherlab – Single mission delivery

This drone from DARPA has an expiration date. It is biodegradable and designed to self-destruct after just one mission.

awesome fact on technology - AIPoly - an app that helps blind people see

AI Poly Vision – An app that helps the visually impaired ‘see’

Artificial intelligence is here and with the AI Poly Vision app, it is making a huge impact in the lives of the visually impaired. This is just so darn uplifting!

amazing facts Volcano Lightning is breathtaking display of volcanic ash and lightning

Volcano lightning – Facts

What happens when three of nature’s most furious elements combine? You get a jaw dropping image and some numbers for emergency precaution.

awesome technology fact - with Ossia's Cota Tile, true wireless charging is here

Ossia’s Cota Tile – True wireless charging is here. Here’s how it works.

The Cota tile could possibly change the way we charge our devices. For good. Understand how their seemingly simple yet intuitive technology works.

awesome technology fact CES 2017 - Innovation Awards - Tobii Dynavox PCEye Mini eye tracker tb

PCEye Mini – The world’s smallest eye tracker

The PCEye mini is the world’s first eye tracker that features a built-in ASIC created exclusively for eye tracking.

awesome technology fact CES 2017 - Innovation Award - Bosch ICC

Bosch’s Integrated Connectivity Cluster (ICC) for motorcycles

Bosch’s display unit or the Integrated Connectivity Cluster brings us one step closer to the motorbikes of the future.

amazing fact about Toyota's robot Kirobo

Kirobo Mini – All you need to know about Toyota’s adorable new robot

Toyota enters the commercial robot and artificial intelligence market with this adorable palm-sized companion bot.

mind blowing science fact - Emptiness of an atom is so much that if we remove it we can fit the entire human race in it

The emptiness of an atom is mindbogglingly vast. Really, it’s huge.

Sub-atomic particles are scattered in the emptiness of an atom and are surrounded by swathes of empty space at a microscopic level.

amazing fact - Jupiter doesn't have a defined land mass

Jupiter’s land mass: It doesn’t really have any!

If Jupiter’s land mass is really non-existent, what is the largest of all planets in our solar system made up of?

amazing af wazer desktop water jet cutter

Wazer – A water jet cutter that you can set up on a desktop

Check out this incredible water jet cutter that you can use to get precise cuts. It’s so compact that you can just set it up in your room.

fun fact about Vantablack

Vantablack – The darkest substance ever created. Darker than black.

Vantablack is the darkest substance ever created. You might know that but it still doesn’t make re-watching a demo less awesome.

impressive fact that Biomimicry gets inspiration from natural design

Biomimicry – Engineering and design inspired by nature

As a kid, you might have thought of re-creating nature’s designs for real life applications. It’s called Biomimicry.

awesome physics fact about the highest man made temperature

The highest temperature on earth was recorded at the LHC

The highest temperature ever recorded on earth wasn’t in a desert. It was recorded at the CERN laboratory in Europe.

unknown fact Lab mouse statue

Lab mouse statue – A monument to honor their contribution to science

There is a mouse statue installed in Russia to honor the contributions of animals used for lab testing. RIP!

interesting facts RLV-TD ISRO India's relaunchable space vehicle

RLV-TD – India’s first attempt towards a reusable space vehicle prototype

With SpaceX and Blue Origin racing towards building the best reusable space vehicle, India begins working towards a prototype with the RLV-TD.

interesting facts that the pandas are now safe -no-longer-endangered-2016

Pandas safe from immediate extinction

This is definitely an aww yeah moment for panda bear lovers all over the world!

impressive fun fact 3d printed batman suit with 23 gadgets

3D printed Batman suit – This is as functional as cosplay can get

Comic fans, this 3D printed Batman suit is the closest you will ever get to a real-life working Batman suit.

interesting unknown fact moons sky is always dark

Why does the moon’s sky always appear dark?

If you’ve seen pictures of the earth taken from moon’s surface you might have wondered why the moon’s sky always appear dark. Here’s why.

wtf fact Fire tornadoes are fiery daredevils

Fire tornadoes are fiery daredevils that destroy everything in their way

Fire tornadoes are a phenomenon that has the potential to wipe out large swathes of land and set forests ablaze.

asparagopsis taxiformis

Asparagopsis Taxiformis reduces methane emission in livestocks

One of the most abundant greenhouse gases which are responsible for climate change can be reduced if cows fart less.

amazing fact that a Scanning electron microscope can shoot such amazing crystals of sugar and salt

Scanning electron microscope – working and other facts

A scanning electron microscope takes the ability of powerful electron microscopes one step further to create super detailed images.

a mind blowing fact is that the EM drive could be possible to make

EM Drive – NASA might just have discovered a new propulsion method

You know how we keep wondering about space travel and how we are gonna go to Mars soon? An EM drive would really help us get there. Quickly.

interesting facts about this Surgical Robot that can do minimal invasive surgery Da Vinci Xi surgical robot

The Da Vinci Xi surgical robot

Intuitive Surgical’s, the creators of the Da Vinci Xi are well known for their robotic-assisted technologies & this robot is one of their best.

amazing fact about sunset on planet mars is that its blue

Why is the sunset on Mars blue?

Though it is known as the Red plant, the sunset on planet Mars are cast a blueish blanket over the dusty landscape.

interesting af fact about lichtenberg figure fractal pattern in glass

This fractal pattern in a glass looks like frozen lightning

A fractal pattern is incredibly beautiful to see. Put it in a glass using some physics and viola, you have a Lichtenberg showpiece.

amazing technology fact Onion Omega 2 is a Small and cheap IoT enabled computer

Onion Omega 2 – A small and cheap IoT enabled computer

The Onion Omega 2 is tiny. It is IoT-enabled and can really help you out if you are looking for something powerful, minuscule and cheap.

mind blowing fact and image of a new solar system being born with a sun known as HL tauri

The birth of a solar system around HL Tauri captured by the ALMA

One of the most powerful telescopes of the world has captured the formation of a solar system. Baby planets FTW!

One Hour of Sunlight is Enough to Provide Power for One Year fun fact

One hour of Sunlight is enough to power up Earth for one year

The energy from the brightest object in our sky is more than enough to meet all our needs and then some more.

amazing fact about the corona satellites spy program

The first spy satellites during the Cold War didn’t have digital cameras

Getting back a reel of photographs was a high action mission during the cold war because digital cameras were invented after the first spy satellites.

Horseshoe crab - The Horseshoe Crab's expensive blue blood harvested for bacterial tests wtf fact

Why is the Horseshoe Crab’s blood blue and expensive?

The Horseshoe Crab’s blood is expensive for a reason. However, overharvesting of their blood has led to a decline in their population over the years.

trachyandra have Twirly leaves that look so damn interesting

Trachyandra species with their twirly leaves look like works of art

The Trachyandra family of plants is interesting. They have really unique features and one of those features are these twirls.

Xylaria Polymorpha are also known as Dead mans fingers. Its an interesting and mind blowing fact about saprobic fungus

Xylaria Polymorpha or the Dead man’s fingers – Explanation and FAQs

The Xylaria Polymorpha is one heck of a creepy plant. You could plant it for Halloween and have some fun, though!

wonderful fun fact The Begonia Peacock Pavonina Blue Plant

The Begonia Peacock Pavonina – Facts about a colorful marvel

This plant has evolved to inculcate properties that just defy basic laws of physics.

Valais Blacknose -Sheep-aka-worlds-cutest-sheep interesting animals

Valais Blacknose Sheep – All you need to know about ‘The cutest sheep’

Who doesn’t love sheep? Especially if they have a thick tufts of fur and cute faces peeking from them. The Valais Blacknose breed sport all that!

The bioluminescent firefly squids fun facts

Bioluminescent firefly squids in their element are a sight to behold

Picture a night at the beach with the bioluminescent firefly squids lighting up the ocean with sparkling blue lights.

wtf fact pink lake hillier australia

The pink Lake Hillier – Reason, FAQs and other pink lakes around the world

A pink lake is something you should definitely do a double-take over when you hear about for the first time. But you should know that quite a few of them exist!

when will the international space station get decommissioned space interesting fact

The International Space Station will be decommissioned in 2024

The International Space Station will be decommissioned in 2024. Did you know that you can see 16 different sunsets every day from the ISS?

Hypersonic unmanned aircraft fastest-aerial-vehicle-interesting fact

Hypersonic unmanned aircraft – The DARPA HTV-2

Cruising at a speed of Mach 20 across the globe would have been possible with DARPA’s hypersonic unmanned aircraft.

this robot can give you a tattoo amazing engineering fun fact

Would you like to be tattooed by a robot?

Getting a tattoo from a robot? Pros: No mistakes on the artist’s part. Cons: Well it’s gonna look like the terminator is operating on you.

Solar Impulse 2 fact

Solar Impulse 2 – The first manned solar aircraft to fly around the globe

The Solar Impulse project’s goals were to make the first circumnavigation of the Earth by a piloted fixed-wing aircraft using only solar power and to bring attention to clean technologies.

cherenkov-radiation interesting fact about nuclear reaction

The Cherenkov Radiation’s blue light looks like a scene out of a movie

You remember that scene in the Captain America movie where they find the tesseract in the ocean? Well the Cherenkov radiation looks just like that


Lammergeier, aka the Bearded Vulture – Interesting facts

Lammergeiers are the only species that dye their feathers & it is believed that deeper the shade of their feathers, the longer they’ve lived.

color of the universe fun fact

Cosmic Latte – The universe and coffee’s something shared

A cosmic latte definitely sounds something you would want to order the next time you are in a coffee shop.

why do our fingers wrinkle in water science fact

Why do our fingers wrinkle underwater or after a long shower?

This question might have been bugging you for some time now. Turns out, there is a purpose behind our fingers wrinkling underwater.

how much does a person walk in their life

Walking around the earth is possible in a lifetime

Have you ever wondered how much distance an average person walks in a lifetime?

clouds weight

Normal clouds weigh as much as one hundred elephants

Clouds don’t really strike us as something that might weigh a lot, do they? But they are made up of countless drops of water, essentially, and it makes sense that they will have a lot of weight.

where does the mass of trees and plants come from science fun fact

How do trees get so heavy?

Have you ever wondered how trees just seemingly get heavier? Where does all that material for the leaves and fruit and wood comes from? Well, here’s the answer.

Ed white EVA astronaut spacesuit snag interesting fact

Extravehicular Activity (EVA) snag during an Apollo Mission

An Extravehicular Activity in the earlier days of space exploration used to be quite experimental and helped to improved future spacesuits.

the first headphones interesting af

The first walkman

H. Day sure seems like he would have been a fun guy to hang out with.

The first walkman

Crystal radios were powered by the radio waves themselves. Transistor radios came into existence after several decades. So in a way, H. Day was the owner of the coolest first walkman or personal radio.