3D printed Batman suit – This is as functional as cosplay can get

If you are an Arkham Origins fan, you are going to love this 3D printed Batman suit. The 23 working gadgets on this suit compliment the extremely well-designed suit and take it to a whole other level. You should really check out Julian explaining his creation here. There is a lot of technology that has been combined to create this suit and the results are pretty accurate.

3D printed Batman suit

Here’s a list of all the 23 gadgets on this 3D printed Batman suit

  1. Fireball shooter
  2. Gauntlet video screens
  3. Bat tracking beacon
  4. Bat-signal projector
  5. Folding Batarang
  6. Grapnel gun
  7. Cowl respirator
  8. Pneumatic tranquilizer gun
  9. Ultrasonic anti-dog device.
  10. Bat shurikens
  11. UV lamp
  12. Ball-bearing grenades
  13. Gauntlet flashlight
  14. Medical kit
  15. Battery pack
  16. Laser designator
  17. Bat-cam
  18. Strobe stun gun
  19. Gas dispenser
  20. Smoke bombs
  21. Bat flask
  22. Concealed laryngeal microphone
  23. Two-way radio


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