PCEye Mini – The world’s smallest eye tracker

CES 2017 - Innovation Awards - Tobii Dynavox PCEye Mini eye tracker tb

The PCEye Mini is an eye tracker that allows people who have limited or no use of their hands – due to ailments like Spinal Cord Injuries, ALS, Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Rett Syndrome, or any other degenerative conditions – to use laptops, tablets, or computers with just their eye movements. It won the CES 2017 Innovation Award in the “Tech for a Better World” category.

With the PCEye Mini, users can access, control and interact with any off the shelf Windows 7/8.1/10 devices. They can use it to access the internet, music, movies, pictures, e-books, social media, games and much more. It is built around Microsoft’s Touch Base Interface. Thus all touch related gestures have been translated to eye movements, thereby opening access to more than 600,000 apps. It connects via a single USB cable and is powered entirely by the primary computer’s USB port. The eye tracker enables hands-free computing. And hence, allows people with the conditions mentioned above to work effortlessly or even return to work.

“We are incredibly grateful and humbled to receive this honor,” said Fredrik Ruben, President of Tobii Dynavox. “For individuals who are non-verbal and have mobility challenges, this product is life-changing. Mere decades ago, living with conditions that restricted voice and movement meant living with the inability to communicate—beyond a blink for ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Today, we are revolutionizing access to technology and making it possible for individuals to not only find their voice and be heard but also gain life-changing independence.”

What sets the PCEye Mini apart from other eye trackers?

The PCEye Mini is built using Tobii Dynavox’s eye tracking system called the IS4. A one of a kind platform that combines near infrared sensors, illuminators and proprietary algorithms with the world’s first ever Application-Specific Integrated Circuit System-on-Chip, specifically and exclusively engineered for eye tracking.

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