Valais Blacknose Sheep – All you need to know about ‘The cutest sheep’

The Valais Blacknose Sheep was first recognized as a separate breed in 1962. They have black patches on their nose, eyes, ears, knees, and feet along with a thick coat of fluffy wool to keep them warm during winters in the Swiss mountains. Let’s take a look into the lives of the cutest sheep in the world.

Valais Blacknose -Sheep-aka-worlds-cutest-sheep

Where are the Valais Blacknose sheep found?

The Valais Blacknose sheep are originally found among the snow-clad Valais peaks of Switzerland. Their home country. Not much was known about this elusive breed until a Reddit post cross-posted by someone on Facebook went viral. In fact, the Swiss Sheep Breeding Association recognized the cuddly Blacknose sheep as an official breed in the mid-1960s. The sheep are known as Walliser Schwarznasenschaf in German.

Why are the Swiss Valais Blacknose sheep so rare? 

These sheep are found only in Switzerland, their native place, and a few parts of Germany. Efforts to breed them in North America are underway. These sheep are routinely attacked by wolves in the alpine mountains of Switzerland. Additionally, they are kept indoors in winter. Whereas, in the summertime, they are grazing in the mountains. That makes them kind of elusive.

Are the Valais Blacknose sheep for sale?

These sheep are extremely rare. There were about 400 of them in the UK in 2016, according to this article by the BBC. However, due to their increased popularity, they are being bred in various parts of the world. That’s probably the first positive effect of going viral that I have seen for the sheep community.

Individual sheep might be available for sale if you contact farm owners. If you are interested in breeding them, many intermediary agents can get you in touch with the right people. You can either get commercial sheep that have the Valais Blacknose embryos transferred to them. Or you can get in touch with a local breeder and breed them up. Here is an excellent site that provides all the information with regards to this. They also have an amazing list of facts along with a page where you can meet their beautiful sheep. Check them out!

Where can I find the Valais Blacknose sheep for sale in the US?

You can buy Valais Blacknose semen in the US. Many independent dealers like these can hook you up if you are looking to breed some of these cuddly beauties. If you are asking for an individual sheep, then it will be a bit harder for you. Try contacting the Valais Blacknose Sheep Association of North America and enquire about farms that breed the Blacknose sheep. Then contact the farm owners and ask if they are willing to sell. That’s a lot of work, though.

Why are the Valais Blacknose sheep given the title as the cutest sheep in the world?

Just look at this little specimen!

valais blacknose sheep baby

The Valais Blacknose sheeps strikingly dark patches of fur combined with their soft, white, curly wool give them an adorable look. Moreover, they are incredibly docile. What’s not to like? The rams, as well as the ewes, both have curly horns. Like all other sheep, they are excellent climbers and can be found in the Swiss alpine mountains in the summertime.

What is the wool obtained from the Valais Blacknose sheep used for?

The wool from the cutest sheep in the world is considered to be excellent for carpets, bedding, and felting. About 4kg of wool can be reared from one Valais Blacknose sheep every year. These sheep are bred for their meat as well. However, we would advise our meat-enthusiastic readers to refrain from picturing them on the dinner table as they are quite a rare breed. There are only a few thousand of them left.

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