The pink Lake Hillier – Reason, FAQs and other pink lakes around the world

The pink lake Hillier of Australia has been making the rounds of social media for a while now. And it’s significantly bubble-gum-like pink color has been the cynosure of all eyes. However, people should stop calling it the pink lake. Because there is another lake in Australia, that is officially known as Pink Lake. This particular lake used to pink but isn’t anymore now. However, many tourists mistake it to be Lake Hillier and end up on the shores of the Pink Lake. Only to be disappointed by the lack of pinkiness. Here we’re going to take a look at what makes these lakes pink and learn a bit about Lake Hiller.

pink lake

Why is the pink lake pink? Why is lake Hillier pink?

Lake Hillier and all other pink lakes across the world get their color due to the presence of microorganisms and bacteria. Notably, Dunaliella salina, salinibacter ruber, halobacterium, and other algae. A group of researchers, in 2015, took upon themselves to find the reason behind this pink lake. Like all good researchers, they gave their project a name. The Extreme Microbiome Project. They did some tests and got identification on the organic content of the water.

However, to be precise, there are other factors too. Let’s start at the top. These pink lakes have a high concentration of salt. Some of them have high levels of Magnesium. Under the right temperature and other conditions, the bacteria and the algae begin to thrive. They produce a chemical known as beta carotene (which we learn about in a minute) that gives the pink lakes their pretty color. In the absence of these conditions, the lakes lose their distinctive color and leave tourists broken-hearted. Just look at the reviews of the Pink Lake on google. The lake lost its color due to some construction in the nearby area. Lesson: Don’t pollute your pink lakes people. Or any other lake for that matter.

Can we drink the water from the pink Hillier lake?

You can. But you won’t like it. The pink lake’s bubble gum resembling pink water looks alluring to drink. But it has exceptionally high salt content. You can’t drink it. But you sure can wade in for a swim. Because of the high salt content, the buoyancy of the pink lake is relatively higher than that of normal lakes. It could make for an enjoyable experience.

Is the pink lake dangerous? Is it safe to swim in the pink lake?

It’s just a normal lake with higher salt content. The pink water may be a tiny bit abrasive for your skin. But apart from that, it is perfectly safe to swim in.

How many pink lakes are there in Australia?

There are a total of five pink lakes in Australia. And a lagoon. The different pink lakes are listed below.

  1. Lake Hillier
  2. Lake Crosbie
  3. Lake Becking
  4. Lake Kenyon and
  5. Lake Hardy

Are their fish in Lake Hillier? Can fish survive in the pink lake?

No. Fishes can’t survive in the high salt concentration of the pink Lake Hillier. Kind of like how fishes can’t survive in the Dead Sea. The salt levels of the pink Lake Hillier are almost comparable to the salt levels of the Dead Sea.

However, the high salt content provides a hospitable condition for microorganisms and bacteria. In fact, a special type of microorganisms known as the Dunaliella salina is what gives the pink Lake Hillier its characteristic bubble-gum pink hue. This microorganism is rich in beta carotene. Beta carotene is a red or pinkish organic pigment that is used in many drinks and dietary supplements.

Can I visit Lake Hillier?

Yes, you can. A reason behind why Lake Hillier still remains pink and has successfully been able to avoid our dirty, polluting ways is because its difficult to reach. Mother nature has protected the pink lake by surrounding it with dense woods. But you can catch a flight. Or take a boat. Just remember not to pollute the water. Send us a picture when you get there. We could use some images in this post.

Are there any other pink lakes in the world?

After reading about this pink lake, you would think that Australia has some pretty cool things. No? Well, after you read this amazing fact about this wrap-around spider, you sure would agree to that. However, there are similar lakes in different parts of the world too. There’s a pink lake in Mexico by the name of Las Coloradas. Lake Retba in Senegal and Lake Natron in Tanzania.

Check out this vlog at the Las Coloradas in Mexico.

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