The Begonia Peacock Pavonina – Facts about a colorful marvel

The Begonia Peacock Pavonina grows on the eternally dim floor of dense Malaysian rainforests. Since getting enough amount of light is an issue, it has undergone some kind of evolution to acquire a very interesting cellular structure. This evolved cellular structure gives it the bluish hue and allows it to absorb more light from the red-green spectrum.

The Begonia Peacock Pavonina Blue Plant

Thylakoids are tower-like structures inside the chloroplast cells of a plant that participate in the light reactions of photosynthesis. The thylakoids of any normal plant generally have an irregular shape. But they are uniform in this plant. This causes the chloroplasts to reflect blue light, thereby giving the leaves their signature color. The thylakoids’ structure also slows down light, an effect known as slow light in quantum physics, giving the plant an increased rate of photosynthesis.

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