AI Poly Vision – An app that helps the visually impaired ‘see’

InThe AI Poly Vision is the most accurate image detection app available right now. It won the Innovation Award in the ‘Accessible Tech’ category at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017. Check out its capabilities in the video below.

Here are a few technical details about the AI Poly Vision

  • It can identify three objects every second.
  • AI Poly Vision is built on Teradeep’s (a neural network company) system. Consequently, it uses a convolutional neural network – a method inspired by the organization of animal visual cortex – and uses convolution operations for image detection.
  • Another key point is that it is optimized for low power consumption.
  • It also recognizes up to 1400 colors and can help people with colorblindness.
  • In case the app is unable to identify an object or color, sighted users can contribute to the database to improve the accuracy of the app.

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