Our courses are designed to help you understand concepts through an easy and hands-on approach. Moreover, with corresponding updates in the same industry listed alongside the course material our engineering courses ensure that you are in touch with the real world. Thus adding a layer of relevance.


How are these engineering courses organized?

Each free engineering course has its own page which you can access by clicking on the course thumbnail above. When you are on the course page, you will notice three tabs. The content tab has all the articles and serves as a clickable index. The details tab consists of all the details regarding the engineering course’s structure, current status, objectives, pre-requisites etc. The updates tab consists of news articles relevant to that particular engineering topic so that you understand the real world aspect of the course you are undertaking.

What is the breadth of your free online engineering courses?

We are working on courses from all the major domains such as electronics and telecommunication engineering (ENTC), Computer science engineering (CSE), Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering etc. If you would like to suggest a particular topic please reach us through our contact page.

Why don’t you provide certificates?

Our contention is that engineering courses need to evolve to encompass the different types of learning models. Currently, we are working hard on creating content that adheres to a global standard of content topics and structure for engineers. Furthermore, we are creating content where we do not rush difficult concepts. And instead approach them from a beginner’s perspective to ensure a holistic understanding for the student. We are also mindful of using different planes of explanation and employ analogies, intuitive examples, visuals and other teaching aids to assist students in grasping difficult engineering topics. However, this approach is resource intensive and time-consuming. It marks the first phase of our mission. In the next phase, we will introduce new testing methods that will be targeted at instilling confidence within the student regarding any engineering course. In our third phase, we will start rolling out certificates. Pointless certification and profit is not our priority or target. Quality content is.

Are your courses free?

Yes, and they always will be.

What is the average duration of an engineering course on Technobyte?

All of Technobyte‘s free engineering courses are self-paced.

What is the advantage of your free engineering courses?

Simply put, our engineering courses are designed to be simple to understand without discounting the complexity of approaching difficult concepts. Our courses on engineering are designed by engineers. Additionally, our courses are also by teaching professionals. These free engineering courses are in no way a replacement for professional courses. We wish them to act as a supplement to help you understand your current learning endeavors in a better way. Our courses will augment your professional development and will greatly enhance your knowledge of the course topic. We also design content with an aim to improve your job performance. Moreover, our course maps will provide with you a competitive edge with regards to mentally mapping engineering topics.

How do I sign up for a course?

You don’t need to create an account for our free engineering courses. You can just click on the course thumbnail above and start learning!

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