Why you should have ABS in your vehicle

In the two-wheeler market, lots of variations of vehicles are available at different price ranges. The higher end models are equipped with ABS (Anti-lock braking system) while the lower end ones aren’t. It is important for the customer to know what they are missing out on. Today you’ll find out what this simple yet efficient mechanism does.

ABS anti lock braking system working
Demonstration of ABS (Source)


How would having ABS in my vehicle help me?

You are driving on the highway at 100 kph; your mind is constantly looking at the distance ahead, very cautious of people and animals that could come on the road. Your phone vibrates, and you look down for one second. It’s a spam message from the telecom company. You look back on the road, and there is a huge pothole not more than 100 feet away. In a sudden chain of events, you hit the clutch and the brake as hard as possible. The car skids and you lose control and crash into a tree that was off road. This whole scenario could have been avoided if your vehicle had ABS equipped into it.

We will not be going deep into the working of the anti-lock braking system (ABS), but we will ensure that you have enough knowledge to make your next big purchase.

ABS prevents the wheel from ceasing rotation thereby giving the driver traction control. ABS comes with speed sensors on each tire, so it knows when there is a significant amount of deceleration. In such scenarios, ABS forbids the tire to lock down and prevents skidding. Because of this, it’s practically impossible to lock-down the tires even in agitated situations.

Like always, there are pros and cons to everything. Although the advantages of ABS are easily enough for the consumer to make the right decision, some would prefer their tires to lock down for the thrill of performing a burnout or drifting.

What are the pros of ABS?

  • Reduce the probability of colliding with an oncoming object.
  • Better control of the vehicle in snowy and rainy areas with slippery roads.
  • Increase the life of the tire. As it prevents the tire from locking, the rubber part of the tire has to experience less frictional force.

What are the cons of ABS?

  • You cannot perform a burnout.
  • You cannot drift like the Teriyaki Boyz.

Below is a very helpful explanatory animation video about anti-lock braking system in motorcycles. The concept is similar in cars, and all your doubts about how the system works shall be cleared once you watch this.


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