Binaural Beats to get high – Everything you need to know

Ever dabbled into meditation and fizzled by wandering into your universe of thoughts? Wanted to concentrate on your instinct and instead got distracted by the sound of mosquitoes buzzing? Well, maybe you need an outlandish method to meditate, something like Binaural beats to get high!

Many people know about the Mozart effect. For those who don’t, it’s an effect that amplifies your brain’s performance by transiently improving the focus and response time of the brain after being subjected to minutes of Mozart music.

What are Binaural Beats?

There is an acoustic science of meditation called ‘Binaural Beats‘ method. Binaural beats are generated by the brain when two marginally different frequencies are passed to each ear — thereby creating a resulting rhythm equal to the difference in the frequencies of the two beats.

The brain has a peculiar response to each frequency range. Using binaural beats for meditation is more comfortable than the traditional ‘close-your-eyes-sit-straight-stop thinking-control-your-breath’ methods of attaining peace of mind. So how do you experiment this? Get a pair of headphones, a music player with these stereo sound saved, and an un-perturbing ambience.

working of binaural beats
Working of binaural beats

This effect was first discovered by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, in 1839 as an alternative method that could actuate relaxation, creativity, focus and other coveted mental states. A brain’s state is catalogued depending upon the activities one is indulged in. Hence, the beats are type-caste accordingly.

What are the different types of Binaural beats?

  • Beta (15-30Hz) – To stay alert yet calm
  • Alpha (9-14Hz) – Meditation and relaxation
  • Theta (4-8Hz) – Deep relaxation and problem-solving.
  • Delta (1-3Hz) – For a deep, dreamless sleep.

If one wants to attain a state of higher mental activity and problem-solving technique, they should listen to ‘Gamma’ waves having frequencies higher than 40Hz.

If one wishes to go into deep-sleep and get high as one could get with sniffing cocaine, they can use ‘Delta’ waves as their contemporary drug. ‘Beta’ waves might conform one’s wish to have focus and transitory alertness. The kind of focus and deep thinking state that Newton had while formulating his complex theories.

If one wishes to relax after a tedious day but falls into the trap of a noisy environment and cannot relax, give him a headset. Send a frequency of 22Hz through one side and 29Hz through the other for 15-30minutes. Ultimately he can cool off with the soothing ‘Alpha’ waves created in his brain. The other aspects to consider are the different applications of this technology and the effectiveness of this method over the traditional.

types of binaural frequencies and their uses and effects
Types of binaural frequencies and their uses and effects

What are the advantages of Binaural beats?

Other than stimulating various states in the brain, Binaural beats have various neurological advantages. From controlling one’s anxiety to overcoming various perilous or thought innocuous addictions.

When people having certain unpleasing addiction undergo Alpha-Theta wave treatment, their addictions can decrease significantly. Anxiety, diffidence, depression and other traits can also be dealt with by proper use of waves.

How can you get access to the right beats?

You can either buy, download or create these sounds. Companies like Mind Sync, Brainwave EntertainmentOm Harmonics and more provide you with adequately tested sounds you can utilize. You can even generate your own sounds by using various binaural beats generating soft-wares available online. But it’s axiomatic there will be a difference in how they affect you and how the official-company provided music will as they are more tested and scientifically developed.

Or you can just hit play on this:

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