Top 5 Android apps for Computer Engineers 2019

If you are a professional programmer or as you more commonly like to call yourself; a developer, you will never have rest. There is no respite for a programmer because technologies seem to run away from you. They are moving so fast. It is impossible to keep up, unless…

Yes, there is always an ‘unless’ otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this article and I would be out of a job. Unless you start using some of the apps that are extremely helpful for developers, you would always be struggling to catch up.

We have worked with the team at to produce this list of the best apps for computer engineering students and engineers. 

1. DevRant

DevRant is probably the biggest social media platform for programmers. It is focused not only on programming and coding like StackOverflow but more on connecting developers socially. Programming memes and jokes will be plentiful but you can also post your issues or seek advice from other programmers. And the community has a great spirit, people will definitely help you out.

Another great aspect of DevRant is collaboration. You can actually find jobs and projects here. Many developers would post work they need help on and you can find yourself working with a globally spread exciting team of programmers. You should definitely check this app out.

2. Idea Bag 2

Idea Bag 2 is for when you have a developer’s block. When you are out of sorts, you can take the help of this amazing app. It will guide you along the way. Idea Bag 2 will share a lot of ideas with you with regards to what you should program in. What you should develop and so on.

And then it will give you test cases for practices. From web, networking, and databases to graphics and multimedia, the app covers a variety of topics. So you would feel that you have everything covered. If you are struggling with anything, just download the Idea Bag 2.

3. Programming Hub

Programming Hub can be used for many reasons. The primary one would be to learn and execute new programming languages. Programming Hub has an excellent tutorial portion. You can also use Programming Hub as an emergency app when you need to compile and run the code but you don’t have your laptop with you.

4. OnlineCompiler

No surprises there, as the name suggests OnlineCompiler is a compiling app. The best thing about OnlineCompiler is that it supports almost all languages. It is really handy if you want to practice when you are on the move or are stuck with some idea that you want to test.

OnlineCompiler has all the features you would need to execute your quote.

5. CodeBoard

CodeBoard is a Godsend for developers who code on their mobiles. CodeBoard is an optimized keyboard app for programmers. The keys like semicolon are at the front of the keyboard with some other commonly used keys for programmers.

I didn’t know how effective CodeBoard was until I started using it. It really saves a lot of time. You should download it without any delay. Trust me, it will be worth it.

I hope these apps were helpful. If we missed any app, please let us know in the comment section. And if you have any questions or feedback, you can contact us and I will personally respond.

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