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8085 Microprocessor MCQ | Quiz | Interview Questions

1. A nibble corresponds to
2. The 8085 has five sign flags
3. The Z flag is set when an ALU operation results in a 0 output
4. Assertion (A): Microprocessor 8085 has an on-chip oscillator with an inbuilt crystal.

Reason (R): For frequency stability crystal oscillator is preferred.
5. If the source and destination addresses are made implicit the length of instruction is reduced.
6. Which of the following has volatile memory?
7. If a microprocessor uses a 5 MHz oscillator. The duration of one T state is
8. What type of instructions can potentially change the sequence of operations in a program?
9. Seven address and data buses are multiplexed in 8085
10. The Sign flag is set when the contents of the accumulator become negative after an ALU operation.
11. Consider the following mnemonics
  1. MOV
  2. ADD
  3. LXI
  4. ADI
12. Handshaking programmed data transfer is also known as
13. The addressing mode shown in the given figure is

8085 quiz question
14. Which of the following 8085 instructions affect all flags except the CY flag?
15. The issue of a timing difference between a fast processor and slow memory is resolved by
16. In 8085, the RST instruction will cause an interrupt _______.
17. Which of the following are buses present in 8085?
18. The values of odd and even parity flags are ___ and ___ respectively
19. Which mode of Data Transfer Schemes (DTS) has the highest efficiency?
20. The content of the HL pair after the execution of the following instructions is ___.
21. A stack pointer stores the ____.
22. The register which holds the information about the nature of results of arithmetic and logic operations is called as
23. An 8-bit microprocessor signifies that the processor has an
24. What is the purpose of the READY signal in 8085
25. For memory mapped I/O, which of the following is true?
26. RST0 - RST7 are the __________ in 8085.
27. The Program Counter (PC) in a microprocessor is used to
28. Upon the execution of the RET instruction:
29. POP B is a
30. If you wish to save the value of the accumulator on the stack, which of the following instruction will you use?
31. All jump/branch instructions in 8085 use ___________ addressing
32. Stack pointer is stored in
Which of the following is not true during the execution of an interrupt service routine, which does not contain any EI instructions
After the execution of CMP A instruction
The 8085 microprocessor enters into bus idle machine cycle whenever
The content of the A15-A8 (higher-order address lines) while executing “IN 8-bit port address” instruction are
37. Select the correct statement(s). In 8085, the data bus and the address bus are multiplexed in order to:
38. Both, the ALU and the control section of 8085 employs which special-purpose storage location?
39. What will be the value in the memory location 7101H after the execution of the following code? The data at memory location 7100 is A7H.
LXI H,7100H
STA 7101H
40. A programmer's model is ____.