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8051 Microcontroller MCQ | Quiz | Interview Questions

1. There is/are ____ 16-bit register(s) in the 8051 microcontroller
2. The 8051 microcontroller has _____ bytes of bit-addressable memory.
3. Select the number of external interrupts available in 8051.
4. 8051 can be interfaced with a total of _____ bytes of external memory.
5. When both internal, as well as external memory, is used to store the code/program, the value of the EA pin is ______.
6. How many data registers are available in 8051?
7. Select the ports of 8051 that serve more than one function.
8. To address the Special Function Registers in any instruction we can only use their memory location (address).
9. The PSW register is ____ bit wide with ____ pre-defined bits out of which ____ are conditional flags.
10. Select the single-bit instructions from the following instructions.
11. Select the interrupt with the lowest priority.
12. The original 8051 was made using ____ technology, later it was upgraded to manufacture using ____ technology.
13. Port __ and Port __ combine to give the 16-bits wide lines to interface with external memory.
14. Which bits of the PSW need to be set to select Register bank 3?
15. Choose the correct statements about the PSW.
16. Statement 1: 8051 can use 16-bit address lines to interface with external memory.

Statement 2: The SP register is 16-bit wide and points to location 07H when we start the 8051.

Which of the above statements is/are true?
17. Select the port with open-drain pins.
18. The PUSH and POP instructions of the stack fall under which type of addressing mode?
19. Select the valid statement from the following options
20. The frequency of the clock that is used to drive the timer/counter registers is equal to _____ of the microcontroller crystal's frequency.
21. In Mode ___ the timers count up to 13-bits.
22. To use Timer 1 as a counter, the clock pulse is applied to pin ___.
23. To use Timer 0 as a counter, the clock pulse is applied to pin ___.
24. The destination of the sum of two numbers is always _______.
25. How many times will the following loop execute?
MOV R6,#119
26. UART is a communication protocol for serial transfer of data.


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