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Verilog Quiz | MCQs | Interview Questions

1. The default value for reg data type is ______.
2. The possible value(s) of the == operator are:
3. To suspend a simulation, you can use this system task command.
4. ______ operator usually comes before the operand.
5. @posedge means
6. We can overwrite the value of a parameter during module instantiation using ______.
7. The wait statement is
8. In continuous assignment statement LHS can be
9. To trigger an event, we can use the following operator.
10. ______ defines special parameters in the specify block.
11. To introduce delays in a circuit, we can use a _________.
12. In most synthesis tools, what will happen when a signal that is needed in a sensitivity list is not included?
13. The keyword deassign is a
14. In non-blocking assignment, the compiler
15. The phenomenon of clock skew is found in ________.
16. Cycle based simulation is useful for


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