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Verilog Quiz | MCQs | Interview Questions

1. The default value for reg data type is ______.
2. The possible value(s) of the == operator are:
3. To suspend a simulation, you can use this system task command.
4. ______ operator usually comes before the operand.
5. @posedge means
6. We can overwrite the value of a parameter during module instantiation using ______.
7. The wait statement is
8. In continuous assignment statement LHS can be
9. To trigger an event, we can use the following operator.
10. ______ defines special parameters in the specify block.
11. To introduce delays in a circuit, we can use a _________.
12. In most synthesis tools, what will happen when a signal that is needed in a sensitivity list is not included?
13. The keyword deassign is a
14. In non-blocking assignment, the compiler
15. The phenomenon of clock skew is found in ________.
16. Cycle based simulation is useful for


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  1. To introduce delays in a circuit, you can use flip-flops. Flip-flops are digital devices that store binary information and are commonly used in sequential logic circuits. They can be configured to introduce delays in the circuit by controlling the timing of signal transitions. Flip-flops are often employed in digital systems for tasks such as synchronization and sequencing.

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