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Arduino Quiz | MCQs | Interview Questions

1. Identify this component.

2. When writing a sketch, how do you decide which features belong in the setup function and which belong in the loop function?
3. If we use the Arduino Uno or the Ethernet shield to write data to an SD card, this data can be read by any computer.
4. The Arduino Uno can keep track of the real-time date and time right out of the box.
5. The HTTP response code that indicates successful transmission of the message request is ______.
6. How can you hook up multiple Arduinos to your local network?
7. Identify the sensor.

8. An Arduino sketch does not have the traditional main() function that's generally present in C programs.
9. What is the differentiating aspect between the two numeric types: char and byte?
10. The numeric type double is the same as float
11. The outputs of the following two pieces of codes will be:
int integer=12;
integer +=1;
string str="12";
str +=1;
12. Any code that's written inside the if block shown below will:

13. Which function executes first when a sketch is built?
14. The following code will evaluate to _____.
strncmp("left", "leftright", 4) == 0)
15. Select the function that you can use to detect a button press on the Arduino
16. An Arduino Uno is most suited for _________.
17. The core processor of the Arduino Uno (Atmega328p) has a 16MHz crystal oscillator for the processor clock.
18. The 3.3V regulator on the Arduino Uno has an output current of _______.
19. An LED driver is an example of _________.
20. delay(100000) results in a delay of _______.
21. Select the correct statement(s)
22. An Arduino sketch undergoes pre-processing to turn into a ______ program
23. It's impossible to store a higher number of characters in an array than the declared size of the array.
24. Select the true statements
25. Select the correct ways of defining a function
26. The Arduino Uno generates a maximum of ____mA current from the PWM pins.

27. To use the I2C communication protocol, you can use the _____ library in your sketch.
28. Select the sensor that measures pressure relative to atmospheric pressure.
29. Select the type of temperature sensor that you are most likely to find in an Integrated Circuit.
30. A hygrometer is a _______ sensor.
31. Write a function to convert the following character array to an Arduino String named string2
char string1[] = "Convert me"

32. Select the right measurement units for a humidity sensor.
33. _______ sensors measure moisture using humidity.
34. Select the types of proximity sensors that currently exist.
35. This proximity sensor can sense metals as well as the levels of liquids.
36. Select the communication protocol(s) that allows multiple Masters instead of just one.
37. Select the communication protocol(s) that allow the Master and Slaves to communicate with each other simultaneously.
38. If you are optimizing for performance, and have no shortage of pins, which communication protocol/hardware would you choose?
39. This is the communication protocol used by SD (Secure Digital) cards.
40. A tactile sensor is also known as a ________ sensor.


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